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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 4

My night ended last night with Allison at about 9p. She was given some anti-psychotic medication along with a sleep aid to help her get through the night, which worked well enough. The AH and VH were still present but not as commanding and intense. Allison even had enough of her wits to text me at midnight saying that she will love me forever. I told her the feeling is mutual.

So I arrived here this morning at about 1030a after fighting traffic again for the 4th day in a row. How do commuters put up with this everyday? Allison had her epidural taken out this morning and is doing some PT right now. She will try to eat a little bit and then rest for the rest of the day while the ketamine keeps running through her veins.

Her doctor is going to get the ketamine up to as high as Allison can tolerate today during the day. She is getting 55mg now every hour but will get up to 65mg. She's a fighter and keeps saying she wouldn't wish this on anyone. Again, thank you everyone for your messages and kind words. I will keep updating as much as I can.

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