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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 3

Allison has asked that I be as candid as possible, not to freak everyone out or to even get sympathy but more about letting people know what RSD patients go through while on this ketamine infusion.  So here goes....
Last night she did not sleep as she was terrified from the vivid hallucinations both auditory and visual.  Voices telling her to kill herself, etc.  She woke from her sleep throughout the night screaming in fear, not knowing who people are, where she is, etc.  The nurses had to explain to her several times that she needed to saty in bed or else the restraints would be applied.  Needless to say, Allison is exhausted.

This morning I arrived at 10a and as soon as Allison saw mw, she broke down emotionally for the next hour.  Since letting it all out, she has done relatively well despite her exploding nose bleed that she had when she sneezed.  Due to her nasal passages being dried out from the oxygen, the blood cam pouring out of her nose, mouth, and her left eye.  She stopped bleeding in about 10 minutes, avoiding possible surgery to stop the bleeding.  Between these events, Allison has had a little bit to eat and plenty to drink.  All of her vitals, blood work, etc. are perfectand the procedure is going well, despite the overwhelming side effects.

She has had PT twice today and is walking around without any pain in her body.  It is all about the mind games at this point.  There is no mind over matter when on ketamine.  Her doctor is set to lower the does a little tonight along with giving her some other medication to help her sleep a little more peaceful, hopefully.  He was also able to get approval for me to stay later to help Allison through these psychotic moments.

Day 3 has been an adventure.  Stay tuned for Day 4 info. as soon as I am able to get free for a few moments. Thanks again for everyones messages.  I am getting them and letting Allison know.  Keep the faith, prayers, adn positive energy coming our way.  We can both feel it and it is definitely helping.  Love Greg and Allison

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