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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 2

Allison made it through the night with some interuption for a quick "spray" bath and teeth brushing as she was a wake at 1am trying to figure out where she was.  For those wanting to know about a "spray" bath, she was spritzed with a cleaning agent that is used without any water.

So anyway, she was at 40mg an hour by 11am and feeling pretty good.  She has reached the highest dose for now at 50mg every hour.  The nurses have indicated that by this time tomorrow, Allison will be pretty much out of it.  She had her epidural turned off temporarily so she could get out of bed for the first time and walk around, which she did just fine.  It took about 15 minutes to complete the walk but Allison swears it was 2 hours.

The hallucinations come and go as do the emotions for Allison as the nurses have had to take care of her on all aspects of functioning as she is not allowed to get out of bed.  She is having a hard time dealing with some of these aspects.  We will keep it at that.

Allison's brother Tim came into the city yesterday and has given her some moral support as well as a few laughs which have helped.  We managed to sneak out (with Allison's permission of course, some things ketamine does not affect) for some lunch at Murphy's Pub just a block away from the hospital for some authentic buffalo wings.  I couldn't pass them up as NH and New England just doesn't get it right when it comes to wings.

Well, Allison is getting another "bath" now and will be trying to eat something for dinner shortly.  Her doctor saw her this morning and says that everything is going as planned and remains very hopeful for a pain free life.  WE SURE HOPE SO!!!

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers.  We are getting them from Facebook even though we have not had the chance to respond to most comments.  I will update everyone tonight once I make it back to Long Island at about 9p or so. 

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