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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 1 going slow

Well, lets just say it seems as though no one knows what they are doing here.  It is now 4pm and Allison has yet to get any ketamine flowing.  She is in the process of having a central line put in her neck instead of a normal  IV in her hand or arm due to continuing burning when the IV is dripping.  Her epidural is in a causing discomfort and pain in her hack although her legs are numb (at least that is helping).  SO the longer it takes to get this rolling the longer we will need to be here and the longer Allison has to go without food and water.  It's almost been 24 hours now without.  Her doctor is working on putting in the central line so in the next 5 minutes she should begin to start feeling better.  She is a trooper!!!

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