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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 3 and 4-Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Allison's journey continues as she calls her ketamine trip, Allison in Wonderland.  All signs point to an overall positive treatment and if Allison can go another year or longer being pain free, the trials and tribulations that she has gone through this week has all been worth it.  She has been pain free for the past 2 entire days while the ketamine keeps pumping throughout her body, in hopes of resetting her pain receptors in her brain.  HP and the Deathly Hallows have been keeping us busy, half way through the book in 3 days, not too bad since I have had to reread chapters to Allison has she soon forgets what I have read and the need to go back for chapter reviews.  Allison has been asking about everyone and wants to know how everyone else is doing along with her family rather than focusing on herself getting better.  She has apologized repeatedly to me about having to deal with this "life" we have to live to the point that I had to tell her as nice as I could, Shut the Fuck Up!  She actually laughed and just said, "ok".  Part of the treatment requires an epidural, numbing her lower extremities, so that the ketamine can works its magic.  The epidural was pulled today and for the next two days, she will be on straight ketamine, 65ml per hour over the next 36 hours or so.  How she does it, I have no idea.  The only siude effect that seems to be bothering her is after she falls asleep and wakes uo, she does not know where she is and there are "demons" and "monsters" in her room that she has too fight off, telling herself it's all a hallucination.  It's a catch 22, because when she does fall asleep, she says her dreams are vivid and she is pain free in her dreams, doing things she wouldn't consider doing in her "real" life, and then wakes up, scared because she has to fight off her dream world and reality, trying to decipher between the two.  Well, another day down and one full day to go.  She will be titrated down late Friday night into Saturday morning and we will be on our way back to New Hampshire.  It is expected that she will have about 2-3 weeks of feeling a bit sluggish and nervous, (schizophrenic type side effects), but will be feeling completely normal, (fingers crossed), with each passing day.  Thanks for everyone's kind words and support, it is much appreciated.

In Hope,


  1. Thoughts are with you sis. I hope it goes as good as can be.

  2. Hope you both have made it back to NH at this point. Lots of folks at SHS are thinking of you Allison.

  3. Praying for you and your family Allison. I think of you often with fond memories. Keep fighting but please listen to your body and know your limits.
    Pat Sukduang

  4. Well its been 2 years since last inpatient treatment and its time to make another run at it. Looking at June for scheduling. We will keep followers updated.