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Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 1-Ketamine Infusion

So....our day started at 530a this morning as we traveled to NYC to the Hospital for Special Surgery. Needless to say, it is almost 630p now and Allison has just been admitted. Once she is set up, I should be able to see her and spend the last hour or so with her before the hospital closes its doors to visitors at 9p. I have been given special priviledges for visiting as Allison is in her own isolation room so I will be able to spend 9a-9p straight through with her each day this week, which I am sure she will enjoy. Most visitors at this hospital only get 10 minutes once every hour starting at 10a and ending at 7p. It's a long 12 hours but I will not complain as Allison is hooked up to machines and wires, almost reminiscent of that when Anakin Skywalker is transformed into Darth Vader. Once the ketamine starts flowing, I think Allison believes she has the force. There won't be much more to say tonight but I will have a full report tomorrow morning once I see Allison for the first time following an entire night of her infusion, which last time was not pretty. At least now, she knows what to expect so let's keep our fingers crossed, (Griffin told us he would have his fingers crossed the entire time Mommy is in the hospital). In Hope and Love, Greg

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  1. We are thinking of you guys, and are sending many, many, many positive thoughts and love your way. Nice Star Wars reference, btw
    Love, S,T,G,&R