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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pre-Surgery Consulation and Cardiac Clearance

Well, we are off to New York City on Sunday night for two appointments on Monday, March 22, 2010.  Allison will be meeting with the medical team in order to have cardiac clearance for her ketamine procedure.  She will have an EKG and Stress Test along with the required Psychiatric Evaluation in order to move forward with the procedure.  Every patient going through with the 5 Day Ketamine Infusion has to complete these tests before final approval.  Allison has already been through these tests numerous times during her 15 year battle as any procedure she has had, nerve blocks, implants, etc. have required such test so for Allison, this is a formality.

I do remember the first time she was told she needed a psychiatric evaluation about her pain, she took it as, "This doctor thinks I am crazy since there is nothing physiologically wrong with my body."  This is an on-going frustration for Allison and many other people with RSD.  People who see Allison will say, "I don't get it, you look fine so you must feel fine."  That is exactly it, those who say that, don't get it.  Try googling RSD and perhaps you will "get it."

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